Labrador father teaches his puppies how to swim for the first time

You already knew that dogs are great swimmers, but, like us, they don’t become perfect swimmers since the day they are born.

Although dogs are natural swimmers and instinctively know how to paddle with their legs and keep their heads above water, many dogs do not jump into the water on their own.

Daddy expects the little ones to dare to enter the water … he knows they will love it!

This is where the parents of the dogs come on the scene to help their puppies acquire a very important skill!

From birth, the puppies begin to discover the world, acquire new skills, and develop their instincts under the watchful eye of their parents.

This puppy shows the puppies how to swim and how fun it is

A loving father labrador decided that it was time to teach his six puppies how to swim, as you will see in the video posted below.

The puppies looked a little scared and reluctant as they followed their father to the lagoon when he would teach them to become great swimmers! After initial hesitation, the puppies jumped into the water and started swimming for the first time!

This video will show you, like few others, how important it is to be a good father!

Labradors are among the top ten breeds of swimming dogs and for a good reason! They simply love the water and most dogs of this breed are good swimmers.

Labradors have been swimming for centuries and fishermen used them to recover ducks and fish. Moreover, Labradors are very easy to train because they learn fast and are very human friendly.

After the first swimming lesson, the puppies returned to the mainland and had a great time playing with their father.

Although it was the first time in the lake, the puppies proved to be excellent swimmers!

We are sure that your father was proud to see his puppies swimming in the lagoon without the slightest hesitation or fear of water! Sometimes labradors love water so much that it can be difficult to convince them to get out of it.

We mentioned earlier that labradors love to swim and have been living with fishermen for over three hundred years. Their love for water is very strong and they can easily let themselves go and spend a lot of time in the water.

No wonder the puppies in the video had no problems in the water. Another reason why Labradors are so remarkable swimmers is their spanked toes, which allow them to swim faster and more easily than other breeds of dogs, did you know?

All the puppies in the water! What fun to learn something new from Dad!

For the first class, the puppies did very well and the credit for the success goes to the father, who was a perfect teacher. If you are not a swimmer and have trouble overcoming your fear of water, watching this video will certainly lift your spirits!

“Note to my future self: be a father like this Labrador!”, commented one user. “Thanks to this dog I knew that I have to make sure that my children learn their lesson very well so they can be independent”, wrote another user.

It’s great to see these puppies learn to swim. One day, they will give swimming lessons to their own puppies and remember the day in the lagoon with their father!

After an important lesson, it’s time to play.

Besides being very inspiring, this video is also very cute and funny.

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