Kittens abandoned in a plastic bag are rescued and reunited with their mother

It is well known that when a litter of kittens is removed from the streets without a mother, keeping all babies alive becomes a real challenge for rescuers.

Brenda Ortiz, a Los Angeles animal rescuer, was contacted about a feline family that had been abandoned in a neighborhood south of this city in the United States.

An area resident heard the meows in an alley and felt compassion for the animals.

She found four kittens in a plastic bag. She took them home to try to give them something to eat and provide some water. They were extremely thin.

Brenda immediately contacted members of Saving One Life, an institution in San Diego that is against animal slaughter. Upon hearing about the case, they were immediately placed in order to help.

Although they had several families of kittens in their care, they knew they could not turn their backs on these children.

The kittens were able to thrive despite their fragile state of health.

One volunteer fetched the litter, and once in San Diego they were given the medical care they desperately needed.

In addition, they were properly fed and placed in a comfortable and cozy place where they could relax without problems. They were dehydrated and two of them were very malnourished and needed complementary attention 24 hours a day.

Within a few days the four little brothers recovered favorably. They began to gain weight and strength to the point that they could stand up.

However, the rescue still had a pending problem with this family: locating the mother.

They soon discovered that Animal Control had collected the mother along with the remaining baby cats. So they immediately contacted the county shelter. Two of the kittens did not survive but were able to save the life of their mother and her last kitten.

Saving One Life volunteers were able to move Destiny and her last children to their foster home. When the mother entered the room where her other babies were, the children immediately noticed her scent.

This family reunion was really exciting.

Destiny recognized her babies instantly and prepared to take care of them without wasting a single second. All were grouped into a true purr concert. They could not hide their happiness.

Everyone needs proper medical attention, but now no one doubts that Destiny and her five surviving babies will succeed. They are in a safe, warm and quiet place with all the love they need to thrive.

Source: Zoorprendente


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