Kitten with strabismus found alone and malnourished, now enjoys a home full of love

It’s very true that having a pet is a very big responsibility. A pet at home needs care, attention, and especially a lot of love. But it is also true that its presence makes life more joyful and fun.

Cats are delicate, sensitive, and funny beings.

This kitten is causing a stir in the networks.

Olive is a charming cat living in New York City who has overcome all adversity in her rescue. She really knows how to be grateful for life and smile at every dawn.

Her look is the sweetest in the world according to her light-filled personality.

She is a beautiful spotted cat with short gray fur, with a physical characteristic that makes her more special, and has a total crush on her owner, Michelle Traynor, 27-years-old.

Olive is a beautiful cat with strabismus.

And not only has he won the heart of his owner, but also thousands of followers of his Instagram account , who are captivated by this little feline’s cross-eyed eyes.

Her beautiful smile and her particular look have won over hundreds of people!

Michelle, who works in communications, said that Olive was very sick when they found her.

“She was alone and covered in tree sap, she was very, very sick. After many baths and medicines, she finally recovered enough to live with me.”

Fortunately, she has found a new home full of love, care, and attention.

Her owner said that, despite the condition of her eyes, she can see well.

He added that his bite is a little excessive because his jaw is not fully developed. But that this does not affect his eating in any way.

Her healthy appearance shows that she is the most spoiled, living the life she deserves.

Olive really knows how to be happy!

Olive has a great personality that will make anyone fall in love with her. She is very funny and loving. She is a bit shy, however, this does not limit her from having fun and inventing funny games.

“She may be shy, but she loves to hide under the covers.”

She is a very affectionate and very sweet kitten, Michelle admits that since she came into her life she cannot conceive of her days without her.

Some seem initially surprised by her appearance, so it is not uncommon for her owner to be stopped on the street. But as soon as they meet her, they melt with love, because everything about her is as sweet as people can imagine.

This kitten’s story is as special as her particular look and wonderful smile that captures every emotion perfectly.

Source: Zoorprendente


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