Kitten visits owner’s grave every day

In Indonesia, a woman named Keli Keningau Prayitno, who often goes through a cemetery, noticed a cat lying in a specific grave of someone with the words “ibu Kundari” (mother Kundari).

Day after day, Keli realized that the cat was always near Kundari’s grave. She even tried to bring him home, but the kitten refused to go and insisted on staying close to the grave.

It was then that Keli decided to watch over the loyal kitten, feeding him regularly. The amazing thing is that the cat only left the grave just to eat the food of Keli and her family.

Now the loyal kitten has all the help and affection it deserves after Keli posts the story on Facebook, causing many residents to visit the kitten at the grave to bring him food, water and most of all… lots of love.

The truth is that people tend to think that only dogs have the ability to express their love for their owners, but this proves once again that it is not true. Cats are also very affectionate and capable of expressing love and loyalty in their peculiar way, as we can see in this beautiful story.

Source: Só Animais


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