Man walks with his dog, when a tiny kitten decides to follow them home

Jon Nienaber has a habit of walking his Basset Hound through his neighborhood in Cleveland, a place known for having lots of wild cats. So it’s not uncommon to see a cat wandering the streets while walking. However, one day something incredible happened!

While walking with his animal, a tiny kitten came out of nowhere and decided to follow their journey. Jon’s wife, Leslie, captured the moment in video and put it on the Internet, delighting thousands of people!

Love Meaw

The kitten tried to play with the dog as he followed them down the street and the couple fell immediately in love with him. The family already had three cats to accompany the dog. However, leaving the kitten on the street was out of the question!

Love Meaw

Fortunately, Leslie’s sister, Sarah, was more than willing to take the animal! The feline was cleaned, fed and taken to a veterinarian, where he underwent some routine exams.

Love Meaw

Leslie continued to visit the kitten, now called Little Pinot, while growing up under the care of her sister. He has turned into a happy and healthy cat, and his favorite Hobby is birdwatching from the window!

Love Meaw

Check below the moment that is melting hearts all over the world:

Who would have thought that a simple “chase” would lead that kitten into a dream life? Share this incredible story with your friends and family!

Source: I Love My Dog


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