Mom leans in to kiss the newborn – the baby’s next move is something the mother will never forget

Parents love their children more than anything in this world. To demonstrate this, they give hugs before school, cook their favorite meals, give kisses and much affection. However, when this mother leaned in to kiss her newborn, she had a completely unexpected reaction!

In the clip, the mother hugs her newborn and kisses her sweetly. That’s when the fun begins: whenever the woman kisses him, she smooches! The mother begins to laugh uncontrollably at the child’s hilarious expression.

We can say this small baby knows how to light a room with her smile! Who knows, maybe this little girl grows up to be a comedian or actress – she certainly has the gift to make us laugh. The mother can’t get enough of her fun newborn, so she gives her another kiss to see what will happen.

This baby is not afraid to show off her big smile, and it’s the most beautiful thing you’ll see all day! It is impossible to contain our laughter. Watch the wonderful moment for yourself.

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Source: Sharetap


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