Man was hit and killed by a train when, desperately, tried to save his beloved dog!

We all love our dogs, and when they need them most, we do everything for them. Scott Wulff was 61 when he did something that, unfortunately, ended his life!

A community in Jacksonville is mourning the loss of two heroes, Scott and his dog Astrid. Unfortunately, the two were killed by a train last Sunday. The people who saw what happened said that Astrid was frightened by the lights of the approaching trains and with the deep vibrations, she became very disoriented.

In a panic, she ran down the lane to pull away from what she thought was the danger. Scott, also in a panic, tried to grab her and bring her back to safety.

“I heard the train accelerating and a high breaking sound. So I went outside and watched everyone fall to the ground in tears. When I heard what happened, I immediately told my restaurant that I had to go, had to move away from the scene and walk.”, said a witness.

“Wherever my father went, Astrid was there.”, said Jacob, Scott’s son. “She was his best friend.” This made perfect sense for everyone, as Scott, without hesitation, dived into the train to save Astrid, who had been rescued from the streets in 2013.

Jacob said: “My father struggled with depression and alcoholism throughout his life.” However, in recent years, his father has become sober, kept his job and loved spending time with his family. He credits Astrid for doing much of his father’s recovery and his happiness in his later years.

The news of Scott and Astrid’s death was a cold blow to all who knew them, both the family and the community.

Jacob said: “My heart sank.” “I remember feeling numb and falling to my knees.” People sometimes say that a dog is just a dog, but in fact, they are a very special bond!

These two formed an inseparable duo and even at the time of death, they were together… Rest in peace!

Source: Doggies


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