Kids work hard and ask for help to save their dog that was run over by a heartless man

Responsibility is a value that should be intrinsic to all people, but needless to say, not everyone can be proud of this habit. In fact, it is clear that age does not define how responsible a person is, and the story of Pelusa and her loving owners proves it.

A few weeks ago, this dog was a victim of the recklessness of a driver who did not stop to help her after running her over.

Thousands of puppies are killed on the roads by irresponsible drivers.

Pelusita lives in San José de Los Arroyos (Paraguay), together with its owners Moisés and Josué Fernández. Two very responsible brothers who sell yuyitos (a wild plant that, when crushed and mixed with water and sugar, replaces lemons, and is pleasantly sour and refreshing).

The little guys have a stand of herbs for chimarrão and serve along with Pelusita. But on December 31 of last year, the dog was run over before the eyes of its innocent owners.

The man who caused the accident got away.

With the wound on her arm, these kids did everything they could to help her and even took her to the AMA organization in San Jose, because Pelusa was very serious. Due to the impact, the dog had to undergo several surgeries, including the amputation of one of her front paws.

Since the animal suffered an accident, the children have not stopped moving in search of help and are also working hard to meet the costs of his recovery. Given the great commitment and love that these children show, a neighbor decided to share the story on social networks.

The dog and its owners need everyone’s help.

Sady Ruiz Díaz published a post on Facebook to ask for help for Pelusa and its young owners.

“Moses and his little brother Josué Fernandez, a native of San José de los Arroyos, go to their yuyitos shack every day accompanied by their companion Pelusita. Unfortunately, on December 31, they ran over his companion. […] I invite you to buy the best yuyitos for tereré from these brave children who love Pelusita. His station is on Rota II km 104, in front of the Coronel workshop”, said Sady.

At less than 10-years-old, these children have shown better values than many adults. Moises and Joshua love the dog and don’t intend to leave her alone at this time, but there are still many expenses to cover.

This dog is in recovery and deserves further operations, the AMA group also intends to neuter her. Anyone who would like to know more about this case and support these owners with a heart of gold, can do so by calling 0984 838544 locally .

Pelusita and these children need everyone’s cooperation. Share this endearing love story and then help them find all the donations they need. Sharing costs nothing and goes a long way.

Source: Zoorprendente


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