Kids glued dog’s hair for ‘fun’

When rescuers in Turkey finally got to Pascal the puppy, he was so stiff that he looked like a statue. But he wasn’t frozen with fear; a group of cruel kids tried to drown the harmless famished pup in glue before dragging him through the mud.

They then left Pascal there to die as the glue became increasingly solid, making it difficult to move. He was losing blood supply to one of his ears since the glue was so hard on his skin. He was also having trouble breathing and would not have survived much longer had it not been for first responders.

As soon as they got him back to He’ART of Rescue’s clinic, they began shaving off all of the matted fur that was glued together. Unfortunately, the glue managed to soak through all of his fur, so they had no choice but to shave him down to his skin. His skin was extremely damaged from the chemicals from the glue, so they gave him medicated baths to help relieve the pain.

Skin infection and emaciated body were the worst of their problems. He was an otherwise healthy normal puppy. Now it was time for little Pascal to heal.

As Pascal was completely traumatized by these children, he hesitated to trust people. But over time, he understood that not everyone was there to hurt him. The staff filled him with love and, he finally began to heal from the inside out.


When he began to heal, so did his body. His hair began to grow and, he looked like a completely different dog. Once he was healthy enough, the vet dismissed him and went to live in a temporary home.

Soon after, he was adopted by a loving family in Spain! He now has a new doggy sibling and is enjoying his new life!

Source: I Love My Dog


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