Man kicks woman down the stairs and makes her fall, but the situation ends very badly for him

Nowadays, we need to be very attentive around us, as there are more and more criminals in the world. However, we are happy to know that they don’t always go unpunished, such as the case we are about to see next. A monstrous man, accompanied by two friends, kicked a woman down the stairs of a subway station.

Youtube – Daily Mail

It was Svetoslav Stoykov who committed the crime, who is only 28 years old. The entire planet was shocked to see footage of the criminal pushing a helpless woman. She was walking down the stairs to the Hermannstrasse underground station in Berlin, and was completely stunned by what had happened. The situation occurred in October of last year, and fortunately he was punished for what he did.

Stoykov is serving a 2-year, 11-month sentence. However, the man was also the victim of a violent assault on the prison.

Youtube – Daily Mail

Last Friday, some inmates covered their faces with sweaters, went to Stoykov’s cell and beat him. He was also helpless and was taken aback while he was resting on the bed. Stoykov attacked a woman out of the blue, and had the same treatment in prison.

No one knows who did this to the criminal, nor whether the injuries were serious. We only know that the young man had to resort to medical care.

Youtube – Daily Mail

According to the prison information, Stoykov is not safe and is hated by the other inmates. See the images of the attack on the defenseless woman who shocked the planet.

This is proof that everything we do comes back to us. Share if you believe it too!

Source: Vamos Lá Portugal


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