It’s not just a dog’s departure that destroys us – A young man cries beside his deceased horse

Dogs are truly loyal beings, but not only with these creatures do we establish strong bonds. This is why the image of a man torn by the loss of his horse has made us reflect on how amazing each of these beings we adopt as pets become.

Just like people, our pets become an important part of our family and we always want to keep them in our lives, but unfortunately they are not immortal either.

That’s why we want to invite you to enjoy every moment shared with that little angel you have decided to receive in your home.

Work, problems, the fast pace of modern life can take us away from some really important things, like the family itself. But they, their pets, unlike claims that a parent or sibling could make, even a child, will never reproach him for anything.

Animals are the noblest beings there can be, and even if they suffer from their absence, they are always at home awaiting your arrival and you can devote some time and companionship to them.

Please do not leave them alone! That last hug is not after losing them.

Having a pet is not only about food and good health, but as a child you need to give her a lot of love and companionship.

We want the tragic and emotional image of this man hugging his horse to make them reflect in the same way that he made the editorial team reflect. The anonymous affair is noticeably torn as he clings to the lifeless horse in a makeshift pit.

Certainly, he was his faithful friend for years and for that reason decided to give her a decent burial.

We hope this guy has been able to share to the fullest and really appreciate the love of his horse. That the farewell hug could also be given to the creature when she was alive, and it was not too late to convey her love.

But if we reflect for a moment, how much love are we giving our babies? Whether it’s a puppy, a cat, a turtle or a chicken, everyone, absolutely everyone deserves to receive some of the love and loyalty they convey to us. Let’s not wait for our pets to die to hug them, let’s give them all the love they deserve in life.

Please share this brief reflection and that, along with the image, motivate many to give love to their pets today. Tomorrow can be too late.

Source: Zoorprendente

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