Is Michael Jackson back? See the Romanian singer who perfectly personifies his voice

There are more and more talent contests around the world, and The Voice is one of them. This program already exists in countless countries, and we are happy for that. Thanks to these competitions, absolutely magnificent voices are discovered, just like the one from the man we’re going to hear today.

Bogdan Ioan is participating in The Voice Romania, which started recently and is in the first round of selections, the blind auditions. As soon the judges Smiley, Andra, Irina Rimes and Tudor Chirila heard the voice of this young man, they immediately turned their seats.

In blind auditions, participants have to do their best. In the few minutes that are on stage, judges must decide whether or not they want the competitor on their team. But when Bogdan Ioan came in, there was no one who didn’t want him. The judges were not prepared for his shocking performance, and they were all shaken.

Voice strangely resembles the King of Pop’s

The contestant decided to interpret Michael Jackson’s Earth Song, and they all lost their minds, thinking that the late King of Pop was alive. The audience and the jurors could not believe they were hearing a voice identical to the late singer’s. It seemed that an angel had fallen from heaven to do serenade. The performance was perfect, and everyone in the room was thrilled… if you close your eyes, you’ll think it’s really Michael Jackson singing.

Youtube – The Voice of Romania

Everyone was nostalgic to hear Bogdan Ioan playing the song of the King of Pop. As soon as he began to sing, the judges jumped out of their chairs. They were sivering as they heard the melodious voice. The admiration and respect for the competitor was immediate. The public sang the popular music with the young man, who overflowed with emotions.

He hit all the hard grades to perfection, and the public immediately fell in love with him. Without doubt one of the favorite competitors of this season. Listen to the incredible voice below!

We hope this talented young man is very successful in the future. He equaled Michael Jackson’s voice in every way. Share if you also thought you were listening to the voice of the late King of Pop.

Source: Lost and Found to Be


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