Irish priest performs Simon Cowell’s favorite audition

The Irish priest we’re about to see next has undoubtedly a divine gift. Ray Kelly recently became viral due to his incredible voice after auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent 2018. He definitely has a God-given ability. Father Kelly spends his days at St. Brigid and St. Mary Parish in Oldcastle, Ireland.

Youtube – Britain’s Got Talent

Most of his life was spent thinking of God and how His word heals everything. But, in his free time, Father Kelly liked to sing. Occasionally he shared his passion by singing with friends and loved ones. But he had no idea that these little shows would take him to the stage of Britain’s Got Talent.

Youtube – Britain’s Got Talent

Instead of hiding his voice from the world, he decided to share it with millions of people watching at home. With REM’s lyrics Everybody Hurts memorized, the microphone in his hand and a lot of courage, Father Kelly started his audition.

Divine voice

The jurors watched anxiously as the priest sang with his heart only a few feet away. Would his performance be enough to get him to the next round?

Youtube – Britain’s Got Talent

As the music continued, several members of the audience began to applaud. But by the time Father Kelly finished his presentation, the crowd was completely overhelmed, clapping.

His voice was so soft and powerful. This combination is rare nowadays and the public knew it!

Youtube – Britain’s Got Talent

The crowd clearly loved their performance, but the judges’ thoughts were still in the air. Would they feel the same way? Of course yes! Simon loved it and said it was one of the best auditions ever.

Watch Father Kelly in action below.

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Source: Faith Tap


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