91-year-old man is insulted by 3 bikers, but his revenge is priceless

The elderly may be more fragile and weak, however, never underestimate their life experience. We must always respect the elders, for we have much to learn from their wisdom. Unfortunately, not all people have that opinion. Today we are going to tell you a joke about an old man who was insulted by 3 bikers. Although the story is fictional, its morality is undoubtedly something we should take with us for life.

91-year-old man is insulted by 3 bikers, but his revenge is priceless

“One day, a 91-year-old man named Antonio was quietly enjoying a meal in a restaurant after driving for a few hours, and suddenly three motorcyclists entered the restaurant. Antonio noticed their presence, but continued to enjoy his coffee and his apple pie.

All of a sudden, everything became chaos. The first biker approached the old man and, without saying anything, threw his cigarette on the pie the old man was eating. Then, he sat down at a table in the corner of the restaurant. The second biker also came near the man and spat on his coffee. Then, he went to sit next to the first biker.

The third motorcyclist approached the old man with an intimidating look, took his plate and threw it to the ground, making a lot of noise. He went sit next to the others with a smile on his face. Without saying anything, Antonio picked up his wallet, paid for his meal, and left.

‘Haha, that grampa is not a real man!’ said one of the men to the waitress.

The waitress smiled and replied,

– ‘He also doesn’t know how to drive his truck very well, because he just went over three bikes just now…'”


The bikers weren’t expecting that… never judge the elderly because of their physical fragility. Their bodies may be weak, but their wisdom always prevails! Share if you think we should all respect older people more often.

Source: Vamos Lá Portugal


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