Pit Bull is found stuck inside a suitcase

When we think that we’ve seen everything, there is always something that surprises us, in this case by the negative. It would be wonderful if there was a world without any kind of crime, but apparently, many people don’t want to collaborate in that way… Today we’ll meet the terrible story of a Pit Bull that was locked in a suitcase and thrown in the trash!

Fortunately, there was a small hole in one of the ends so the little dog could breathe. Still, it was only for a little that she didn’t die. If the help had arrived 20 minutes later, the Pit Bull would have been taken to the municipal landfill without anyone noticing.

For having narrowly escaped death, the dog was called “Milagros” (miracle). Look at the condition of the poor animal:

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When the volunteers arrived, they said they had pierced the bag so Milagros could put her head outside and breathe normally. When they finally released the dog, they discovered several stung by her entire body!

Then, Milagros was sent to the veterinarian, where she received immediate treatment. Although there’s still a long way to go, the little dog is recovering by stride and slowly learning to trust in humans.

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This case of animal abuse caused a wave of outrage in Spain, but at least one positive thing happened: many people came to the shelter to adopt Milagros.

A police officer also took the case very seriously and started looking for the dog owner. When Sérgio MJ, the temporary owner of the animal, was finally found they learned that the story behind this case wasn’t so bad…

Sergio and his girlfriend were taking care of Milagros (his aunt’s dog) but the couple also had another Pit Bull in that same house. One day both had to leave the residence and it was there that Milagros got involved in a fight with the other Pit Bull, ending both with serious injuries.

Facebook – Dailos Capote

Milagros was in a terrible condition and once Sérgio thought the animal was dead, he panicked and “got rid” of her body, throwing her in the trash. After all, this man had no intention of injuring the animal. Still, always be careful and always consult a veterinarian before making rash decisions.


Luckily, this beautiful Pit Bull is now safe. Watch her recovery in the video below:


Animals are true forces of Nature. When we least expect it they can overcome the adversities and Milagros is a great example of this!

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