Innocent dog holds his toy while waiting for euthanasia

Hank is a Pit Bull puppy, who was in Brooklin, New York, waiting for a cruel fate. The poor animal was on a fight against time… He was about to be put down! Unfortunately, this is the reality that many dogs face, all over the world. In the United States, when public kennels are too crowded, euthanasia is the easiest and most recurring solution. This happens very often, even if our furry friends are healthy. And Hank would be one of those victims…

Facebook – Julie Carner

Hank is a very sweet and loving dog, who loves all the attention of the world. Unfortunately, there are many prejudices around this breed, but the puppy never gave up. His future was bleak, but as soon as the right people came into his life, the pup saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

Check out this loving being in action:

Fortunately, after much effort, the Pit Bull found a loving home before he was euthanized. This is great news that fills our hearts with joy! Hank’s story is proof that we should never lower our arms in the face of life’s difficulties, and he is a great example to us all.

Check out the first moments of freedom of the dog:

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