Injured dog waited 24 hours on the highway for someone to save his life

Homeless is just horrible and scary for any creatures. Wandering everywhere, finding food and temporary refuge to desperately survive through rough days. Sometimes, the life of some poor souls becomes much more miserable when unforeseen things just happen to them out of the blue. Without any help, they can hardly do anything but just hopelessly wait for the end of their lives.

A stray dog somehow ended up on the 110 Freeway, and unfortunately, she was hit by a car. A woman spotted her and called an organization to ask for help. They promised to come but 24 hours passed and the poor dog remained at that place. Her niece texted Hope For Paws instead for immediate help. Eldad rushed right away to the location to rescue the little puppy.

On the way to the scene, he wondered if the dog was still breathing or not. Realizing that it was too dangerous to carry out this rescue mission alone in this tricky location, Eldad decided to ask the help of the Los Angeles Department. They were willing to give a hand without hesitation.

When they could get close to the dog, she was in pain but thanks god she was alive. Eldad gently wrapped her with a blanket. The pup did not fight but just allowed him to pick her up because she knew she needed help. She was named PD and was taken to the hospital for the best medical treatment. The sweet girl looked so happy to be rescued.

Apart from badly injured, PD was filthy and covered with fleas. The poor puppy had to suffer from three surgeries. The first one was to fix her broken leg, the second one to fix her broken paw, torn ligaments, and her joint instability, the last one to remove all the metal pins and to spay her. All of the surgeries were successful.

After a long recovery, PD was able to come back to normal life.

Thankfully, L.A. Animal Rescue found PD a loving permanent home. Now she is living a happy life with her caring owners. PD, like all the precious dogs in the world, always deserves to have a life full of affection.

Watch the video below:

Source: Paws World


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