Mom sends message to teacher after dog starts acting strange at home – watch her unexpected response

Sadie is a 4-year-old girl who has type 1 diabetes and Down syndrome, which makes it difficult for her parents to keep her blood sugar levels stable. Until a special Labrador joined the family!

We all know dogs have an incredibly sharp nose. In fact, a dog named Hero detected a drop in blood sugar values miles away! The animal is trained to detect when Sadie’s sugar levels are too low or too high.

Facebook – Sadie’s Hero

One day Sadie was in her Primary School, while Hero was home, more than 8 miles away. And that’s where the dog began to act strangely.

“He’s usually a very quiet dog,” said Michelle, Sadie’s mother. “Shouting is not in hid protocol but he just started to whine and he didn’t stop.” Hero was warning Michelle that Sadie’s blood sugar was falling, even though the child was far away. Then the woman sent a message to Sadie’s teacher to check if everything was okay.

Facebook – Sadie’s Hero

The teacher, Kimberly Stoneman, said, “[Sadie’s mother] called me and asked if I could check her sugar levels and they were fine.” Stoneman explained. “I tested it and it was fine. But within half an hour, the levels started coming down.”

Sadie’s values dropped suddenly from 122 to 82. “With low values, she could get into a diabetic coma or even die!” Said Michelle.

Facebook – Sadie’s Hero

But not under Hero’s guard! KC Owens, the animal trainer, said she used a bottled fragrance to help him detect low and high blood sugar levels.

“They are easy to train.” Owens said. “These dogs can wake up a family in the middle of the night for something minimal. They can get help and they do it long before any technology.” Owen said the Labradors have hundreds of millions of nose receptacles that help them smell miles away.

Facebook – Sadie’s Hero

No one is sure how Hero could detect the change in Sadie’s blood sugar that day but thanks to his instinct and his incredibly sharp sense of smell, he eventually saved her life!

Facebook – Sadie’s Hero

Fortunately, the little girl is safe and sound… Congratulations Hero!

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Source: We Love Animals


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