Prince Harry greets fans and recognizes someone in the crowd

The United Kingdom’s Royal Family is very famous, and has millions of fans all over the world. Because of that, it would be normal for them not to recognize the faces of all the people who approach them. However, Prince Harry recognized an admirer in the crowd, and ran to greet her!

It all happened when the young man was in Sydney to promote the Invictus Games. At that point, he saw an elderly woman among thousands of people, waiting for him in the rain. He recognized the woman among all those faces: it was Daphne Dunne, a 97-year-old widow! The old lady had been waiting for the prince for seven long hours.

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She had met Prince Harry before, in another public appearance he made in Sydney, Australia. They also saw eachother in 2015, when the Duke of Sussex made another visit to the place. Daphne had her military medals and those of Albert Chowne, her late husband.

Harry recognizes face in the crowd

Sadly, Albert died to defend the country. However, Daphne continued to use his medals to honor his memory. When Prince Harry saw Daphne in the crowd, he recognized her immediately. “He remembered me. And he gave me another kiss on the cheek,” the old woman told reporters.

Youtube – NBC News

It was Prince Harry who created the Invictus Games in 2014. The event allows wounded, amputees and other patients in the army to compete in various sports. And the best of all? This year’s Invictus Games will be held in Sydney, in October! Maybe Daphne and Prince Harry will meet again.

Watch the lovely re-encounter of these two below:

The Duke of Sussex is no doubt following in his mother’s footsteps. She was the People’s Princess, and he’ll soon be the People’s Prince. Share if you agree!

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