Mom gives birth to twins prematurely – 30 minutes later, the doctor comes in and says “I’m sorry”

Nowadays, pregnant women can already know the baby’s gender, and whether or not they’re healthy, even before delivery. Despite the advances of medicine, nature always finds a way to surprise us. Nicola Bailey was thrilled after finding out she was going to have twins. On the ultrasound, everything seemed to be okay with them. However, 30 minutes after birth, the doctor said, “I’m sorry.”

Nicola and Todd Bailey were very excited, so the words of the health professional broke their hearts. The couple already had a four-year-old boy, Lucas, when he received the happy news that they were going to have two more beautiful girls in the family.

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“I had a weird feeling when I saw that I was getting fat much faster than in my previous pregnancy,” says Nicola. In addition, the pregnant woman also felt much more nausea and. As soon as she did the first ultrasound, the woman knew why: she was expecting twins.

At 32 weeks of pregnancy, Nicola went into labor. The doctors were able to stop contractions for a week. After that time, Harper and Quinn were born. “As soon as I saw them, my heart melted, both were beautiful.”

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Doctor’s sorry for baby with Down’s Syndrome

Because they were premature babies, they needed special care after birth. But, just 30 minutes after the delivery, the doctor told Nicola: “I’m sorry.” He suspected that Harper had Down’s syndrome. The tests performed confirmed the diagnosis later that day.

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The couple didn’t know their daughter Harper had this condition until she arrived in the world, 38 minutes after her sister, Quinn. “Our family is perfect and I would not trade it for anything in the world,” says Nicola.

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“Harper is Harper and Quinn is Quinn,” her mother says. “They are not the same person and I try not to compare them, even if it’s difficult.” Nicola, 32, is a nurse and now works to raise awareness about Down Syndrome, which causes a series of delays and physical dysfunctions.

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Although the baby is different, Nicola thinks the doctor didn’t need to complain: she is perfect just the way she is. Share this story if you think the two twins are equally beautiful and special!

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