Two-year-old boy is the eighth child to lose his life because of this IKEA furniture

Sometimes we have dangerous objects at our home and we have no idea. Parents need to be careful about everything they buy, even with the furniture. This mother had an IKEA mobile at home and it was the cause of her son’s death. This is the eighth child to lose his life due to similar objects of the company in question.

The IKEA brand dresser fell on top of the boy, causing his instant death. Little Jozef Dudek was crushed by the furniture in his room. His parents thought he was asleep so the child was alone at the time of the incident.

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When the father went to look on his son, he was shocked: it was too late and the parent found his body trapped beneath the IKEA Malm model. This is the eighth child to be killed by a chest of drawers in this company and the fourth to die because of this particular model, the Malm chest of drawers with three drawers.

Daily MailLast year, this furniture was taken off the market because of its dangers. This was because the dresser wasn’t completely secure, yielding with the weight of the objects, unless it was attached to the wall. The lawyer representing the Dudek family, Daniel Mann, told the media that the boy’s family was unaware that the dresser had been removed from the market.

Daily Mail

Daily MailThe lawyer says that the campaign to withdraw this dresser wasn’tt done properly, and that many people were unaware of this information. This was the first death of a child since the Malm model was withdrawn from the market.

Law firm Daniel Mann has already represented three other families who have lost a child after a similar accident. In these cases, IKEA made a $ 50 million deal with each. Ted McGee of Minnesota, Curran Collas of Pennsylvania and Camden Ellis of Washington are other children who died in the same circumstances, between 2012 and 2014.

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

If you have this dresser at home, place it away from the reach of children. Share this important alert!

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