Ignored shelter dogs are selected for the best vacation of their lives

Freshpet joined with three more shelters to give some neglected dogs a holiday they would never forget. And the Christmas spirit has provided magical moments to these wonderful animals!

Facebook – Freshpet

The dogs boarded a Freshpet vehicle, heading for a good day in the park. Many of them didn’t even know the feeling of running so freely out there. However, an opportunity was well in sight!

Facebook – Freshpet

After a long day in the park, the dogs were entitled to a divine meal. Then they went back to the kitchens at Freshpet, where the holiday meals were prepared for all doggies. The happiness on the face of these animals will melt the coldest heart on the planet…

Facebook – Freshpet

Despite everything, do you know the best part of this initiative? Six dogs were adopted! Beau, Pudgie, Charlotte, Itsy, Lilly and Bat found the loving homes they always wished for… What good news!

Watch the video below to get to know a little more about this event, which made the delights of many animals:

Just wonderful…

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Source: Paw My Gosh


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