They ignored an incapacitated puppy – but, this donkey knows everyone needs a friend

Somehow, most of us can understand what it’s like to be different. Whether we admit it or not, there is usually at least one situation in our lives where we simply can’t fit in. This is a horrible experience and what makes anguish even greater is how hard we have tried. It’s like trying to walk, but stumbling and falling repeatedly.

Life can seem very terrible when you feel totally ignored or neglected. Just ask Kolima. She is a little girl who suffers from wobbler syndrome, a disease related to acute spinal compression.

According to the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, this usually results in a typical “faltering” gait, and afflicted canines like Kolima often walk with their heads falls down due to pain.

In addition to struggling with discomfort and seeming constantly downcast, Kolima was avoided by the other puppies in her litter. But fortunately she met Paolo and things started to change!

Paolo is a donkey and clearly a fantastic judge of character. An encounter with Kolima and Paolo decided to show the world that a dog and a donkey can be devout friends. The video of their unique relationship has become viral and for good reason, illustrating a level of fidelity and unconditional acceptance that reaches most humans intuitively.

Watch this wonderful moment in the video below:

Organizations such as the Pets Pets With Disabilities, based in Maryland, house and rehabilitate canines much like Kolima. But as the PWD website proclaims, “their spirits are not broken”. Impaired dogs, in other words, are completely capable of loving.

Sometimes a friend like Paolo is needed to help these poor animals.

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Source: Liftable


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