If your dog often licks your foot, watch for the signs. This is what he’s trying to tell you

All dog lovers will say the same: Owning a puppy is a unique experience! They provide us with unforgettable moments, are companions and good listeners, although they do not always fulfill all the rules that we impose.

If we look closely, the nickname “best friend of man” fits perfectly in these beings, does not it? They are the only beings in this world, to whom we can reciprocate love by rubbing their bellies and giving treats. They simply are incredible!

Once the little ones do not express themselves through speech, like us, they then have various ways of saying “I love you”.

Most people are unaware of the “why” of our friends doing certain things. In fact the dogs all have some secret signs they share with the people they love.

Here’s how they demonstrate their feelings:

1: Making puppy abandoned eyes

Rebecca Endicott

They are not called “Puppy Eyes” for no reason!

If your furry stares at you with those gorgeous little eyes that melt our hearts, then know that this is one of the expressions of your tender feelings for you! According to PetHelpful, dogs and humans are the only mammals that make eye contact this way, and that’s a huge sign of trust and worship.

2: Leaning towards you

Rebecca Endicott

Puppies love pampering, maybe even more than we do!

If your pet leans against you, chances are they’re just saying they’d like more hugs and kisses. According to VetStreet, “This is a simple, affectionate pursuit behaviour.”

3: Go wherever you go

Rebecca Endicott

Does your four paws chase you?

It may even end up being a bit annoying, especially when you just want peace and quiet when going in private. However, there is a reason behind this attitude.
The dogs are very loving and affectionate animals, so they assume the role of doing everything with their family. When he follows him into the bathroom it’s just the way he managed to tell her, “You’re my best friend, let’s do it all together.”

4: Stay in your room

Rebecca Endicott

When you go out to work, your heart is too tight to leave your bigeye at home, is not it?
Do not worry! There is a good chance your canine crawls to your side of the bed and takes a nap. According to the Wall Street Journal, it’s one of the ways they have to keep us around until we get home.

5: Bringing you presents

Rebecca Endicott

Canines are very much in the habit of bringing us presents, we do not always notice. You know his favorite toy? He only lends it to very special people, just like the bugs he hunts.

Expert Jennifer Hammond: “These behaviors demonstrate a distinct desire on the part of our pets to share affection and happiness.”

6: Feeling when you are sad

Rebecca Endicott

Humans and dogs have lived together since 15,000 years. It’s really cool!
No wonder they can see when we’re less well.

7: When they kiss your face or feet

Rebecca Endicott

Our best friends love to shower us with their tongues, whether we want it or not! According to My Dog House, licking your feet repeatedly can calm the dog’s stress as it is submissive behaviour that reinforces the idea that you are the leader!

8: Seeking your approval

Rebecca Endicott

Can dogs know how important they are to their owners?

Your opinion counts and it is crucial that he knows how much he loves you. In fact, some studies have shown that dogs delight in the praise of loved ones.

9: Go crazy when you’re home

Rebecca Endicott

Does your puppy act like you do not see him for two years, every time you get home? Even if you just went to dump the garbage?

Gizmodo claims that dogs feel happiness in exactly the same way humans do, they simply have a different language. Instead of saying, “I’ve missed you and I’m so happy now – are we going for a walk?” He starts running all over the house and barking.

10: Hugging after a meal

Rebecca Endicott

Bigeye are super defensive when it comes time to eat. They fear that someone will come and steal the food. So the person he chooses to snuggle in after a meal, is extremely important! It’s your way of saying that you feel relaxed with that person.

After all they love us and express this feeling every day in many ways!


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