Ice skater stands on the ice – but when the song “Hallelujah” begins, she brings the internet to tears

For some people, ice skating is a fun weekend hobbie. But for Taryn Jurgensen, this sport is a way of life. The young woman works hard to achieve absolutely difficult and wonderful dances. In one of her videos, she stands on the ice until the song “Hallelujah” begins… but when she starts the routine, everyone is in tears.

The video was uploaded by Taryn seven years ago. Her incredible performance won a prize in 2010, the Funakoshi Trophy. According to the video’s description, Karen Kwan-Oppegard choreographed the performance. Despite being old, only now the video has become viral in social media… and it will leave tears in your eyes.

People described Taryn’s performance as elegant, smooth and expressive. So far, the viral video already has 4.5 million views on YouTube, and all the users agree that the choreography is incredible. Unfortunately, the last time Taryn sent a video of her presentations to YouTube was three years ago. She uploaded a video titled “Demons,” in honor of her brother’s sudden and unexpected death.

Although it’s old, it’s impossible to get tired of this choreography. Watch this awesome moment of dance below…

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Source: Shareably


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