Hunters take out a young elephant and still smile proudly with their weapons

Smiling with his guns on his shoulders and, showing the hunting trophy in the foreground: a young helpless elephant died without mercy. Just for fun.

A really terrifying image that we wish we could not publish. But that serves us to show how much things need to change. How late we are when we find ourselves in 2019 and we are forced to witness scenes like this. In that not only animals are brutally murdered, but that murderers take pride in the social media of their own deeds.

Hunters aren’t intimidated at all. It does not matter if they are in front of endangered animals. In front of puppies, sleeping lions or bears hibernating. The feat is taking lives and proudly putting photos on social networks.

The photo you see was published by Damian Aspinall, an English businessman who dedicated his life to saving the gorillas. The longtime environmentalist who works by investing his own money in wildlife conservation has relaunched the image by defining these smiling men as two monsters.

And the rain of criticism on the two soon arrived. At Instagram, users did not spare hunters.

“We must do everything possible to preserve these beautiful and intelligent animals. Do not take lives them for sport. ” And again: “bleak and despicable, such a beautiful creature, dead for nothing.” “It hurts me deeply, I hate the lack of feelings towards animals.”

See the publication

Aspinall does not give details on where the incident occurred, nor the names of these two hunters who claim to have acted in self-defense. A version that will collide with the photo we see, where clearly, the intention is to boast of having taken the life a young animal (helpless) and peaceful base, if not disturbed in its natural habitat.

Let’s change that concept. Hunting isn’t beautiful, it doesn’t denote courage, it doesn’t denote leisure or sportiness. On the contrary, it’s just a monstrosity.

Source: GreenMe


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