Hungry and dying dog found covered in motor oil rescued

A team of volunteers for International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW) were on a visit to a remote swamp in Cozumel, Mexico when they encountered a dying stray dog in a completely emaciated state and covered in used motor oil.

The dog was so hungry that he would eat any filthy thing he scavenged. He kept looking at every passerby with hopeful eyes, begging to be rescued from the shabby swamp. The IFAW rescuers knew that the dog would die at this rate, so they took him in.

The volunteers named the dog ‘Coconut’ and asked the local Humane Society of Cozumel Island (HSCI) for help. Apart from being just skin and bones, Coconut was also positive for heartworm. His recovery wasn’t going to be easy by any means.

Coconut was so used to being cast aside and ignored that he didn’t realize his luck was about to change. After a thorough cleaning and grooming session, Coconut was barely recognizable!

All the while, a woman had closely followed Coconut’s rescue. She knew that Coconut was meant to be a part of her family.

So, she wasted no time in adopting him. From being near-death in the swamps to being a pampered pooch in his new forever home, Coconut sure has had quite the ride.

Click the video below to watch Coconut’s journey from the swamps to his new forever home!

Source: I Love My Dog Somuch


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