Hungry dog begging for food was ignored by all until an angel helped him

Modern life has made many people so engrossed in their own realities that they end up blind to the suffering and needs of others.

But not everyone acts the same way, there are still people who are quite awake and cannot go unnoticed by someone in pain, and even more so if they are a being who cannot speak.

An example of this kind of angel is Melissa Vargas.

His big heart appears in the crowd with small gestures, but of great value. As happened a few weeks ago in an open-air market in Mexico.

This puppy was the recipient of Melissa’s generosity.

In the middle of shopping, Melissa stopped to help a hungry little dog that kept begging people for food. Despite the insistence and the sad face of this furry little boy, it seemed that nobody wanted to help him, but Melissa was there to fix his day.

In a short video shared through his TikTok account, the white-haired dog can be seen sitting on the back paws, looking at the people who touch the food.

People didn’t even seem to notice that he was there begging for a piece of bread.

At that moment Melissa arrived with a bag for him, they were pieces of chicken he had bought as a gift for the puppy.

“How hard it is to be hungry and not be able to speak. If you see a puppy begging for food, do a good deed and give him something to eat. It may be your only meal in weeks. Your reward: a look of love and gratitude”, said Melissa in the video she shared on TikTok.

The dog was quite satisfied.

In these times of pandemic, we cannot forget that there are creatures that have no way to survive but charity.

Watch the video below:

At the end of the day, the dog could have a party, but his life on the streets still continues. No doubt we can all do something more to help. Feed them, love them, take care of them, adopt them, they only have us to survive.

Compassion and solidarity are the only pandemics that the world needs. Share this story and tell the world about your desire to help.

Source: Zoorprendente


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