Hungry and dying dog has a second chance in life

No one wanted to believe how this dog, called Dong-Jin, was still alive. The poor animal didn’t eat a good meal in months and he was barely strong enough to stand still. He also had a bad skin condition, which caused most of his skin to fall out.

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In February 2016, a man noticed Dong-Jin tied up in a property in Jeongdongjin, a small town in South Korea. Dong-Jin was a Samoyed, a type of dog known for having a lot of white and fluffy hair. However, the puppy was almost bald…

“The dog was very sick and obviously there was something very wrong with him.” , said Park the founder of Free Korean Dogs. “It was a very difficult situation.”

Facebook – Free Korean Dogs

When the man confronted the owner and asked the dog, the owner refused to give him Dong-Jin. It was there that they threatened to denounce the owner for animal cruelty, which led the owner to finally deliver the dog to the organization.

The man took Dong-Jin to an emergency veterinary clinic but the dog was so ill, that the staff of the didn’t know for sure if he would survive!

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They gave their best and, to everyone’s surprise, Dong-Jin began to improve. He slowly gained weight and his hair grew.” In four months, we saw a big difference,” said Park. “Then, after six months, he became a normal dog.”

When Dong-Jin was well enough to leave the veterinary clinic, he entered a shelter camp in a private shelter in South Korea. “He had lots of dogs and loved being with them.”, Park said. “He was very happy and knew he was in a safe place.”

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Many people applied to adopt Dong-Jin, but Park felt that a Vancouver family in Canada was the best for him. “They had a nice house and a backyard.”, said Park. “The mother is a writer and she works at home, so Dong-Jin wouldn’t be alone.”

Last September, Dong-Jin was loaded into a travel box and flew to Vancouver to meet his new family.

Facebook – Free Korean Dogs

“He’s totally spoiled now.”, said Park. “He loves people so much. He is very sweet and kind.”

This poor animal was destined to die but now he overflows health with a family that truly loves him… How wonderful!

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Source: The Dodo