Hundreds of birds were found locked up in little cages

More than 500 lives have just been saved. This is thanks to the secret rescue teams who have just invaded a market in Asia that often sells animals as pets.

On Sunday, wildlife authorities in West Bengal rescued around 550 protected Indian birds who were found locked inside small metal cages.

Species such as parakeet, Asian Koel and myna were just some of the birds that were forced to live in such tight conditions. Although these species can survive in captivity, they thrive in nature.

Thanks to the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, nearly all of the birds involved in this case have been turned over to trained veterinarians who will be able to nurse them back to health. Sadly, some newly hatched chicks were also found in the cages and they did not survive the conditions.

Fortunately, the authorities have already arrested nine people in connection with this case and they will appear in court soon.

And after everything they’ve been through, these once caged birds will keep their freedom.

Source: The Dodo


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