Beauty queen is humiliated for being part of a humble family, but watch as she silences all

No one is better than anyone else just because they have a particular origin, race, gender or socioeconomic status. We all deserve respect, and we have the right to fight for our dreams. Lupita Valero is a 22 year-old-girl who does just that. She comes from a humble family, and works hard as a waitress to fulfill her dream of being a stylist.


Aside from being hardworking, she is also very beautiful. Recently, the young woman from Guerrero participated in the beauty queen contest called Mexicana Universal. Unfortunately, she was subjected to a series of very unpleasant comments on social networks, where she was humiliated for having humble origins. Lupita Valero is not ashamed of being a waitress to finance her studies… on the contrary, she is proud!

Mexicana Universal Beauty Contest

During her participation in the beauty contest, she was humiliated in social networks because of her origins. So, when it was time for the jurors to ask questions, one of them, David Solomon, decided to question her about what happened.

Youtube – Mexicana Universal

“My dear representative of Guerrero, the question is for you, but I will dedicate it to a poor man from whom I had the bad fortune to read a comment that made me very angry. So I ask you the question with my heart because I know you will respond perfectly, precisely to this kind of rabble,” Solomon said. “Did you feel discriminated because of this job?” he asked.

Youtube – Mexicana Universal

Lupita remained silent for a short time before answering. Clearly touched, the competitor admits to being discriminated against because of her job as a waitress. However, she is finishing the course of textile engineer and fashion stylist thanks to this job.

Don’t miss her full speech in the video below, which has become viral and has received more than 300,000 views. (If you want subtitles in English, follow these steps: Settings> Subtitles> Spanish> Subtitles> Translate automatically> English).

Coming from a humble family and having to work is not a shame, but a pride! Share if you think we all deserve the same respect and opportunities, regardless of our origins.

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