Grandfather asks to transfer huge amount to the “grandson” – but the employee refuses and saves the elderly’s Christmas

Christmas is a time of great generosity, and unfortunately there are those who take advantage of it to make a profit. This grandfather was about to transfer a huge amount of money to his “grandson” when the supermarket employee saw that something was wrong. Thanks to her insight, she managed to save that man’s Christmas!

Cecil Rodgers, an Ohio grandfather, was gonna be scammed if it weren’t for the help of the grocery clerk. Just before Christmas, the old man received a call from a man who claimed to be his eldest grandson. The young man said that he had been involved in a car accident and needed help.

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“I hit the car of a woman who was seven months pregnant. I’m accused of drunk driving and i was arrested,” said the alleged grandson. After telling this story, the young man said he needed $ 2,300 to pay bail. Rodgers was very upset about what happened to the “oldest grandson,” and didn’t think twice about helping him.

Then, the grandfather went to a Walmart to make the transfer (in the United States, such transactions can be carried out in the supermarket box). The old man told the employee,¬†Audrella Taylor, what had happened, and she immediately suspected the story. “I said, ‘I’ll refuse the transfer, I’ll not let you send the money, I think you are being scammed,'” she said.

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Taylor asked the grandfather to call his relatives to confirm the story before he sent that huge amount. And what did the man find out? The grandson was safe in college, it was all a lie! Rodgers almost fell into a network of Christmas scams, and he would lose his life savings. But, thanks to the attentive employee, everything turned out well.

Dominic Gross, the manager of that supermarket, monetarily rewarded Taylor for her insight, and for putting the client’s welfare above all else. Now the other supermarket employees are being trained to detect similar scams.

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Rodgers had many financial difficulties, and that money was very important to old man. But thanks to Taylor’s intuition, quick thinking and concern, this grandfather can have a more rested Christmas. Share this story to honor this wonderful woman and to warn about such scams!

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