Dog just wants to hug her rescuer after being saved from a meat farm

Many humans dedicate their lives to the protection of animals and do everything to achieve this end. And the story we’ll meet  today is a great example of that. Michael Chour’s life has changed forever, because of a dog. The man is the founder of Sound of Animals, a group that fights and saves dogs from a Southeast Asian meat market.

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Michael talked to the owner and negotiated the rescue of 17 animals, including a little dog named Sweety. She was curled up in the corner of a cage, which she shared with other dogs. The frightened girl knew that it was only a matter of time before she was subjected to a terrible fate.

Facebook – The Sound Of Animals

Chour took the animals to a nearby shelter where they could monitor the health status of all dogs. Once they were healthy and disease-free, they would be taken to the shelter that is run by Michael’s rescue group.

Sweety was fond of his savior, to the point of always wanting to hug him!

Facebook – The Sound Of Animals

The little dog stayed in the arms of her rescuer for more than an hour… The man explains that he had never found something like that.

Currently, the dog is in the shelter of Michael’s organization. Although she has advanced a lot in terms of her personality, her rescuer couldn’t help it and decided to be part of her family. Today, Sweety is happier than ever and is no longer scared.

Facebook – The Sound Of Animals
A warm hug after Sweety’s rescue:

Sweety and all the dogs in the shelter are eternally grateful.

Facebook – The Sound Of Animals

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