Horse was drowning in the Texas Hurricane Harvey – then a cowboy shows up to save the day

Tropical Storm Harvey left a destruction track on Houston Texas, and the surrounding area over the weekend. In the worst flood the city has ever seen, residents have been warned to stay inside their homes. Still, they are finding themselves trapped as water levels rise. Like humans, animals are also suffering the consequences of this catastrophe … Today we will know the story of a horse that was drowning, but ended up having a happy ending!

Horse was drowning in the Texas Hurricane Harvey – then a cowboy shows up to save the day

Often, in the confusion of disaster, some animals are left behind … Their owners are forced to make that painful decision to save themselves. While some leave their animals loose, waiting for them to find a way to survive, others, panicked, leave their animals trapped in their fences, defenseless against the sudden and inevitable influx of water!

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As meteorologists tracked the storm, days before reaching the land, no one was prepared for a downpour that quickly overloaded the soil and river systems. In this tragic development story, thousands have been displaced and the confirmed death toll is 10 – but it will probably still increase.

There simply is not enough emergency help to deal with the volume of situations that have erupted throughout the area. Fortunately, following this disaster, there are always good people who come together to help those who need it the most.

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Chance and Rowdy Ward of Cleveland, Texas, run a farm specializing in animal rescue. The property and the Ward family are safe. However, the duo ventured to save people, animals and cattle from the wrath of this tropical storm.

On Sunday, Chance left with his four-wheeled vehicle through the flood zone and dared to help stranded people try to get out of the water, already reaching the waist. The next day, Chance and Rowdy loaded their horses, prepared to cross the flooded city and release trapped animals.

In a clip, which is becoming viral, we can see a horse trapped in its fence closed as water levels increased. The poor horse was already panicking. Rowdy tied his horse gently and opened the gate, which was stuck in the muddy water. Once free, the horse was always close to his rescuer!

The rescued horse was very scared but who would not be in these conditions? Fortunately, the other horses seemed to calm him down. He knew that lifeguards would do him no harm … These heroes took all the security measures, and took the animal to a safe place.

Check the moment of the rescue in the video below:

Chance and Rowdy are just two of the many incredible people who are providing support to people and animals harmed by Tropical Storm Harvey. While some lent generous monetary donations, others offered their homes, donated food, or even came on the scene with personal boats ready to aid rescue efforts.

Tropical Storm Harvey still poses a threat to the Gulf area. As the rain continues to fall, villagers and authorities try to prepare for a second “wave”. In an age when our climate is plagued by turmoil, beautiful moments like this show who we are as human beings.

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