Neglected horse finds an “angel” that transforms her life

With each passing day, we have to overcome several obstacles of our life. However, we are not the only ones facing this reality. Animals can also suffer in the hands of abusive and unscrupulous owners. That was the case with Dani and Shay…

Dani had a difficult childhood and developed a borderline personality disorder. She struggled to find hope and often wondered what the meaning of life was. “I used to have a lot of suicidal thoughts.” Dani said. “They were always on the front line of my mind.”

Shay is a horse who was terribly neglected and did not trust any human being. “I think they just left her in a field. She was in such poor condition,” Dani explained.

The pair created an immediate bond

Dani met the majestic horse and it was like love at first sight! “I have a reason to get up in the morning. My life is completely different.” Shay loves to follow the woman wherever she goes, like a puppy.

She also likes to snuggle with Dani, something we don’t see much of the horses.

Their difficult pasts helped to create a stronger bond than most human-animal relationships. Share this love story with your friends and family!

Source: Liftable


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