Homosexual couple assaulted in front of a bar for holding hands

Recently, a homosexual couple was found on the street, struggling to survive after being attacked for holding hands. Christopher Huizar, 19, and Gabriel Enrique Roman, 23, were returning home after spending the night at a nightclub called The Church in Denver. At that time, they were the target of a homophobic crime.

A white man shouted and insulted the two men, before stabbing them in various places, including back, neck and hands. According to Huizar, the couple did nothing wrong. All they did was hold hands.

Daily Mail
Homosexual couple is attacked

The two tried to escape, but the injuries were much worse than they could imagine. Huizar says he was badly wounded in the hand while his companion, Roman, was losing a lot of blood. They eventually lost consciousness in the parking lot.

Witnesses who were on the scene rushed to contact the emergency services. Roman suffered deep wounds and had to receive 30 sutures inside his body, plus 52 other sutures in his hand. A suspect, whose name was not revealed, was arrested because he was related to the crime.

Daily Mail

Huizar doesn’t hide he was afraid that Roman would lose his life before his eyes. The Denver Police Department will now have to determine whether the motive for the crime was in fact homophobia. Police also announced they were investigating what charges could be made against the suspect.

Daily Mail

The couple said they have recovered physically from their wounds. However, they are still too scared to go outside. Both admitted they were relieved when they learned that the suspect had been arrested by the police.

Let’s hope the couple never goes through it again, and justice is done! Homophobia is a crime, and discrimination too… it’s time for people to be punished it! Share if you agree!

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