Homeless man returns $10,000 but he had no idea who he gave them back to!

Some people choose to do the right thing, even if that isn’t the easy way out. However, sooner or later we will be rewarded for doing good things. The homeless mn we are going to talk about now is an example of this. He found $10,000 and decided to hand over to the real owner. What he didn’t know was that his life would change completely after that.

In early November, Elmer Alvarez found a check for $10,000 as he wandered the streets. The check was in the name of Roberta Hoskie, owner of the real estate company Outreach Realty Services. With the help of a friend, the homeless man was able to track down the woman’s contact information, and met her to return the lost money.

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Grateful and deeply touched by the man’s attitude, Hoskie returned the favor by writing him a check. The woman revealed to Alvarez that she was also homeless as a teenager. Since then, she has changed her life and can now help others in the same situation.

But Hoskie’s kindness didn’t stop there, and she offered Alvarez another gift. “You don’t have to worry about being cold,” the woman told the beggar in front of all the news cameras. “We have accommodation for you.”

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The great woman offered free accommodation to the man for 6 months, as well as English classes and training in real estate, so he could have more qualifications and get a job. The only thing she asked him in return was that when he was well in his life, he would help other people in need.

Alvarez was very moved by all the kindness he received from Hoskie. “There are always angels in heaven and here on earth,” he said excitedly.

Youtube – WTNH News8

Many people in the situation of the homeless man wouldn’t return the money. However, despite going through many needs, he decided to do the right thing and give the check to the owner. His honesty and good heart payed off, as he ended up receiving much more than just money: training, home and a friend for life.

This story is proof that we should always do good, even if it is not easy. In the end, good deeds will always be rewarded. Share if you agree!

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