Homeless man sells limes to feed his best friends

Loong Dum, a man who lives on the streets of Thailand, has become extremely known on social networks for his enormous generosity and for what he is capable of doing for the well-being of his best friends.

Although Dum is a homeless, his precariousness doesn’t prevent him from helping the cats with whom he shares the little he owns. So, surprisingly, this man invests a part of what he honestly earns in feeding his beloved kittens.

Loong Dum in his humble lime stand.

Dum has become a source of inspiration for some people and his story has reached thousands thanks to the great visibility that his good actions have achieved on social networks.

Dum’s story began when Warunta Wattanasupachoke of Thailand became interested in this subject. She realized that he was sleeping at the train station and wanted to approach him to learn a little more about his life.

Warunta learned of Dum’s great love for cats.

Dum has been on the streets of Thailand for years due to extreme poverty. He usually sleeps in the railway station, accompanied by numerous cats. He makes a living selling limes, a business he can barely afford.

What surprised Warunta the most when he got in touch with Dum was his selfless love for animals. This man doesn’t earn much by selling limes on the streets of his city, but the little he earns from his work invests in himself and especially in his cats.

Sometimes Dum goes to sleep without eating, but his cats never run out of food.

On certain occasions, when the sale of files is very bad, Dum can sacrifice himself in favor of the cats. His four-legged friends never lack food, even if he has to sleep hungry that night.

Knowing all the history of this man in the streets, Warunta, he didn’t hesitate to buy files to help him.

Dum happy with the donations of the people who knew his history thanks to Warunta.

Not satisfied with this, the young woman shared the story of this man in her social networks. So that other people in the city would know about the existence of the subject and would also help a little.

The people who met Dum through Warunta’s recommendations did not just look for him to buy lime. But also many decided to donate cat food and other items to improve their situation.

Dum managed to cut his hair and shave, as well as new clothes.

A person with a big heart donated clothes to Dum, besides a beautiful haircut . Now this man looks like a different person and feels happier and more motivated than ever to continue doing everything he can to help his kittens calm down.

Dum is definitely a clear example that you should never judge a book by its cover. Fortunately and thanks to Warunta’s solidarity, this man’s story is now praised by many. And his life is getting better and better.

Now Dum looks different and continues to sell limes to survive.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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