Homeless man asks musician if he can sing with him – his voice leaves everyone speechless

Those who live in big cities know how common it is to see artists on the streets showing their talent. However, it is extremely rare to see a homeless man with a voice as incredible as this man’s! Jonny Walker, a UK street musician, was playing on a winter night and decided to add a special guest to his performance. A homeless man asked Jonny if he could accompany him, and the artist decided to accept.

The homeless person who appears in the video is called Bernard Davey, and he is a well-known figure in town. He’s the father of two children and was an important member of the Irish Folk Group, as well as a member of the Harry’s Game television cast. The man has a unique history, as unique as his voice.

As he begins to sing, it became clear that Bernard has a great vocal talent. Jonny commented, “As a street musician, I spend a lot of time on the street and have seen this man many times over the years, but I didn’t know he was a singer. And, over the years, his health and well-being seem to have gotten a lot worse.”

See the wonderful street performance below:

We hope someone can help this incredibly talented man, and he can get off the streets soon. Share if you want the same!

Source: Bles


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