Homeless man and his dog find a wallet with R$ 680 and return it to the owner without thinking twice

A homeless man had a noble attitude when he found a wallet with R$ 680 and return it without blinking, he definitely knew what was the right thing to do.

Fernando Santana and Manoel Cavalcante have a skewer at Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The place is near where the man sleeps with his little dog. Fernando and Manoel were surprised by his beautiful attitude.

“He sleeps in front of our spit, in a kind of open garage he has in a veterinary clinic. Anyway, he asked for a full skewer, paid, and then came back with the wallet that had R$ 680”, explains Manoel.

The merchant also said that soon after returning the wallet, the man reinforced several times that he had paid the kebab with his own money.

“Then he returned and asked us to find the owner of the wallet. Immediately a client said: “please, don’t cover him, because I want to pay for his dinner”.

And so it was done!

The street dweller also offered a gift to the merchants, in gratitude for the good treatment he receives.

“He said to me, “I like you very much, because every time I come here, you treat me very well. I brought him a gift that I made for you,” and he gave me a drawing,” he says.

Fortunately, the owner of the lost object was found and offered to pay a dinner for the resident, in gratitude.

“Then the owner of the wallet came and said he wanted to buy him dinner, but then I told him to look for the street dweller in the garage that he sleeps and give him back as he thought best because he had already had dinner,” said Manoel.

“We open for 4 months and he occasionally comes to dinner with us. We offer his dinner several times, but in several situations, he makes a point of paying,” he says. “It’s the dignity of the human being”, he concludes.

We wish all the best to this good soul and his faithful friend!

Source: Diário do Bem


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