Homeless kid is raped, beaten and robbed – then, Ed Sheeran appears and decides to act

Although they’re innocent, children end up suffering a lot because of human evilness. Unfortunately, few people do anything to change that. Some because they are too far away from the problem, others because they simply don’t seem to care. But, when Ed Sheeran met a homeless kid from Liberia, he could not remain indifferent to his pain.

It was impossible for the music icon to move forward with his live after learning about the homeless kid’s suffering. So the artist ended up saving the life of a boy named JD, as well as the life of his friends. As they lived in the street, they had already been raped and beaten several times.

Ed Sheeran gets emotional

Seeing the living conditions of Liberia, Ed Sheeran, one of the most famous artists in the world, could not hold his emotion. He was part of a documentary filmed by Comic Relief, which exposes how often homeless children are abused and raped because they don’t have adults to protect them.

Sheeran especially approached one of the children, a boy named JD. When the boy told him his life story, Ed Sheeran was in tears. Despite the fact that he had been raped, robbed and abused by older children, he radiated joy and had the secret dream of becoming president one day. At that time, the singer promised to save JD and his friends from that terrible life… and he kept his promise!

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“My natural instinct was to simply put them in a car and drop them off at a hotel until we could sort out their situation,” Sheeran said. Then an idea occurred to him: “Can we do this? Can I pay for a house until they go to school?”

It didn’t take long for the singer to keep his promise. He bought a house in the Liberian capital where the five boys settled in and were taken care of by a woman named Ma. They were safe and away from the streets!

Changing the children’s lives

Sheeran’s next goal was to help those children move on with their lives. For this, the artist made sure the boys received education so they could finally have an opportunity to make their dreams come true.

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The children, who were raped and beaten and suffered terrible nightmares every night, now have a safe life. More than that: they have a bright future ahead! “I’m very happy to start school soon, I want to be president, so I have to study hard, and when I become president, I will help other children,” JD said.

Very well, Ed Sheeran. The best people are not the ones who have a lot, but the ones who help make the world a better place… just like the wonderful artist. We wish the singer a lot of luck and success, and that he receives double what he is doing for these disadvantaged children.

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