Homeless dog surprises his rescuers by running to them

Hope for Paws, one of the largest organizations in the world knows that rescuing dogs can be very complicated. But when they came across this homeless pit bull, something very different happened from what they were expecting, although they did their best to expect the unexpected.

So what happened? He came to them! Crazy, huh? He didn’t hesitate, he didn’t fight, he didn’t run. He knew these rescuers were there to make his life better, safer and much cleaner and full of love. So he went straight to their vehicle and didn’t even hold back when they opened the door. YAY! What a good boy!

Later named Brutus, this sweet, well-mannered, and docile cutie pie shows (with tail wags and smiles) that he is grateful for the help his rescuers gave him, just as he was on that very first day. He remembers what his life was like. And now that he’s safe and sound (AND LOVED) in his foster home, he can begin his new life the right way. Who wouldn’t want to adopt a sweetie like Brutus?

Would you consider opening your heart to one of the many (many, many, many) animals out there, like Brutus, who needs homes? If so, you know what to do! There are local organizations and shelters near you, waiting for your call.

Not every animal comes to his rescuers right away as Brutus did, and not all of them recover in the same way, but they are all in need of love and have lots of affection to give in return after they warm up to their new families. You’re bound to find an adorable and loving creature just like Brutus to take home with you and love you for his entire life!

Have you adopted an animal from a shelter or rescued one? We’d love to hear your story in the comments!

Check out Brutus’ video below.

Source: The Animal Rescue Site


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