Homeless dog is overcome with joy when jogger approaches him

A man has a habit of running every day and always follows the same path. Every day he goes through the same trees, the same houses and the same roads. However, during one of those runs he saw something that completely changed his course.

In the fields beside the road, he spotted a tiny white puppy. It’s not known if the dog was lost or was abandoned, but one thing was certain: the kind man was willing to help!


Street dogs are usually shy and run when people approach them, but the reaction of this puppy was very different.


As the jogger approached, he burst out with joy. The loving dog was so happy and relieved to have someone around. He shook his tail with all his strength and even let out small barks.


Then the lovely dog laid on his back, asking for belly. The jogger did everything he wanted and then rushed home with him. As soon as he got home, the dog received food, water and was examined by a local rescue group.


Fortunately, the puppy was in good health and soon found his forever home! We are happy that this puppy is now safe and off the streets!

Check the moment of the rescue in the video below:


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Source: I Love My Dog


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