Homeless caught approaching dog crawling next to his wheelchair

There are moments that become eternalized in a moving image that speaks for itself. As happened with this tender scene that left its mark on many hearts.

This beautiful photo was taken by Lira Quicaño as she walked along Samuel Alcázar Avenue, Peru. It shows a Venezuelan man protecting and caring for his pet that was in a wheelchair.

This puppy has a physical disability that limits his movements. But, luckily he found a generous and kind soul who took over his care.

Without a doubt, this Venezuelan immigrant has a big heart. Many have commented that they saw him in the area feeding with great patience this poor puppy that has difficulty defending itself.

“I saw this Venezuelan boy speak with much love to this dog, to his baby as he told him. This puppy doesn’t walk, I saw him crawl”, Lira said.

Lira was very moved to see that lovely moment.

According to local reports, Lira said that she was very pleased to be a witness to this moving moment. And that she wanted to keep it for posterity and for that she did not hesitate to take a picture that she later shared on social media.

This wonderful image has already gone around the world. Winning over thousands and thousands of users who reacted to Lira’s publication.

The puppy friend’s gaze is filled with deep love as a sign of gratitude to this Good Samaritan. Who without having financial resources did not hesitate to help this puppy not only with food but also with love and protection.

This immigrant is a young man who cleans cars on the same busy avenue in Rímac. He prefers to have his dog accompany him while he works so that he can be close to him and attend to his needs during these hours.

A group of young people decided to tip him when they saw how much he cared and loved this Venezuelan immigrant whom he called “his baby”.

The love and solidarity this man showed is a great example of how pets should be treated, even though this Venezuelan apparently did not have many resources.

This puppy’s life is as important as any other being’s, he needed a lot of help to survive and that man understood very well.

Share this touching picture, no one can deny that this story is very touching where both protagonists are adorably friendly beings.

Source: Zoorprendente


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