Homeless boy rescues puppy from the streets and he returns the favor in the most touching way

There is nothing more painful than seeing a homeless child. Unfortunately, this is a much more common reality than we think. Photographer Maria Kabs noticed a boy, named Rommel Quemenales, living in the streets of Quezon, Philippines. Then the woman decided to take some pictures of him to share on her Facebook page. Rommel might not have a home, however he found a way to bring joy to his life: he adopted a puppy that also lived in the streets.

Facebook – Maria Kabs

Rommel didn’t have much to offer the dog besides his love. The boy and his canine friend are happy, despite their life situation. Now, none of them has to be alone, as they support each other.

Facebook – Maria Kabs

However, Rommel’s story is much more painful than most people think. The boy told the photographer that his parents got divorced and he had to drop out of school after second grade. He also said he has a sister in another city and sometimes he visits her when he has the money. The child would like to go back to school and play with other children of his own age… Now all he has left is the little dog named Badgi.

Facebook – Maria Kabs

Badgi is Rommel’s best friend and they play together all day. The boy may have had a difficult life, yet he has learned to love and to be compassionate. Hopefully someday these two will have a better life:

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Source: Animal Channel


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