The true horror behind the dogs that walk on the two hind legs

Knowing that there are cruel people in the world, capable of hurting defenseless animals, is very disappointing and fills our hearts with sadness. Through the social media circulate images of puppies that walk on the two hind legs, as if they were children. However, there is something very despicable behind it…

One of the videos shows a dog walking on a street in China, with a pair of trousers and a backpack. The naturalness of this dog caught the attention of many animal lovers, who even questioned its truthfulness.

Dogs walk on two hind legs

Check below one of these moments:


After some research, it was confirmed that the images are real. However, what was discovered about the origin of this material left the world heartbroken. Ill-treatment is a recurring practice, so these poor animals will reach the famous walk on two hind legs.


We cannot understand how there are people who are greedy at this point…


The saddest thing is that there are still tutorials on how to teach pets to behave this way… How can anyone be capable of something so cruel?


All these animals express pain and fear … Those who do this should be punished for causing so much damage to the poor dogs! Some rescue groups are already raising their voices, with the goal of eradicating these horrible practices.


Before you laugh with one of these videos, think twice… No more animal needs to suffer. Share this story so as to alert your friends and family!

Source: Zoorprendente


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