Hilarious moment: Man falls when trying to kick dog that barks at him

Evil one day always comes back to the one who practiced it. The proof of that is what happened to this man.

When passing a dog, the animal barked at him, which is normal for that species, but it seems that man did not like it very much. So he tried to hit the dog with a kick and ended up taking a fall.

A surveillance camera caught it all. You can see the video below:

Olha isso.

Bem feito!!

Posted by Hora Animal on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The video edited as a joke and criticizes the attitude of man was posted by the page Hora Animal and has already had 17 million views.

I believe the man has learned a valuable lesson and may never want to kick a dog again. Dogs bark because it’s their way of communicating. They bark out of fear and defense, out of instinct. Already kicking a dog that has not even attacked and a bit is already cruelty.

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