Woman tired of hiding her gray makes haircut that leaves her completely unrecognizable

As we get older, our body also gets different. These changes are not always accepted by people who want to get their old look back. This woman hated her gray hair, and painted it constantly. But now she is ready to take on her silver curls, and she has undergone a total transformation!

Kerry Grundhoefer, 41, was eager for a major change. With the help of celebrity hairstylist Christopher Hopkins, she was able to abandon her painted hair and turn into a wonderful, natural version of herself.


The woman spent years trying to hide her gray hair behind harmful paints and treatments. After decades of painting and damaging his hair, Kerry became sensitive to certain products. At that point, she realized that it was time to accept her gray hair.

That’s when she asked Christopher for help. She knew the hairdresser was the best in the business and, with his vision and talent, he could turn her into a silver-haired queen.


When Kerry sat in Christopher’s chair, she revealed that she wanted a radical haircut. The woman was not looking for an average cut – instead, she wanted to shock her friends and husband with a look that would show her personality and love for life. Knowing that the husband would support any choice she made with her hair, Kerry decided to make a pixie cut.


Christopher used his scissors to cut a considerable piece of hair. Initially, she was a bit shocked, but she was confident in Christopher’s ability… and she loved the end result! Kerry wept with emotion when she first saw herseld, and so did her husband. This was the perfect cut to show off her beautiful gray hair, and now the woman feels comfortable in her own skin.

Watch the beautiful transformation and the reaction of Kerry’s husband below…

What looks suit her the most: the old one or the new one? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

Source: Faith Tap


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