Mother installs a hidden camera and her heart breaks when she sees the footage

No parent wants to leave their babies in the care of other people. Unfortunately, due to work, many adults have no choice but to hire a babysitter or leave the children in daycare. TUnfortunately, these people don’t always treat children well, as we will see today. A mother began to suspect some of her boy’s, and decided to put a hidden camera to film the nanny. What she saw broke her heart…

Our children are not always in good hands, even when we hire specially trained people. Everything is worse when it comes to babies, who are not yet old enough to talk and report possible abuse. A mother in Russia began to worry after realizing that her eight-month-old child cried every time the nanny came through the door.


Elena Levendeeva had hired this nanny only two weeks ago, and was suspicious of the boy’s actions. She decided to install cameras to film what was happening during her absence… When the 26 year old mother saw the pictures, she was shocked by the abuse her son was suffering. The surveillance camera had filmed the nanny Anastasia Zhelyabova, 31, slapping the child, throwing him to the floor and pulling his fragile arm.

“Because of our son’s frequent hysterical screams, we installed video cameras that recorded beatings and torture,” the young mother said on social networks.

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The babysitter became angry because the baby refused to finish drinking the milk from the bottle, so she tried to “discipline him”… Now the monstrous woman is facing criminal charges and can be sentenced to 10 years in prison, if found guilty.

Unfortunately, this is not the only case of child abuse. Many parents have already picked up nannies and teachers mistreating children. We need to be very attentive to the attitudes of our young children. They may not speak, but their behavior changes say a lot.

See the images that shocked Elena below. If you have a sensitive heart, do not watch the surveillance camera footage!

Please share so that this mother can be an example to other parents: always be aware of the behavioral changes of your children. This may be a sign that someone is doing them harm!

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