Heartwarming moment vets free elephant calf from cruel poachers’ snare

This is the moment vets flew to the rescue of an elephant calf after it became trapped in a snare laid by poachers in Kenya.

Footage shows the baby elephant unable to free its ankle from the tight loop of rope binding it to a stake in the ground in a remote area of the Tana River in the Ndera Community Conservancy.

Dr. Poghon and his team from the KWS/SWT Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust flew to the remote area by helicopter before cutting the elephant free to be reunited with its mother. 

The clip begins with the group of vets taking off as they track down the elephant calf, whose mother had been spotted helplessly watching from around 50 yards away.

Watch the entire rescue in the video below:

Source: Daily Mail


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